Bhuvan Workshop

About Bhuvan

Bhuvan is OGC compliant national geo-platform with diverse resources, applications and services. The platform has been contributing immensely for development of geo-spatial applications for central and state level requirements. Accordingly it hosts more than 22 central ministry as well as 30 state portals. Bhuvan also provides near- real-time disaster management support for major natural disasters. The mobile trends and requirements of various sectors has resulted in more than 50 mobile applications that are being operationally used as ""Field to Map data sourcing / project monitoring etc. The controlled and moderated crowd sourcing brings out reliable data on Bhuvan.

Bhuvan is also performing as clearing house for satellite data and the products including Digital elevation models (DEM) and the periodically generated products under National Information System for Climate and Environmental Sciences (NICES). The products related to Land-terrain, Land-Vegetation and Ocean physical are disseminated for free downloads under NICES.

The Bhuvan Services for Satellite data, base map and thematic maps has been popular in developing mash-up applications and also for online mapping in labs.

Today Bhuvan has disseminated more than 4.6 lakhs product downloads with more than 25 GB data transfer per day and has 60000+ registered users. The contents are populated with 1m Satellite data touching 5 lakh Sq kms including 400+ cities and 8 millions of Point of Interest data.

About the Bhuvan Workshop

The User Workshop on Bhuvan is a unique opportunity for participants to familiarize themselves with entire functionalities and utilities of Bhuvan.

The workshop aims to increase awareness on Bhuvan, share services and collaborative applications, initiate government and other organizations to collaborate with Bhuvan and attract Public /Academicians to participate in crowd sourcing. The workshop is planned for novices as well as experienced users and has Bhuvan developer section targeted for youth.

The focus of workshop is also to strengthen collaboration with various government/ non-government agencies for providing hybrid solutions to the community/ users by sharing mutually agreeable services.

The Workshop comprises of an overview of all the functionalities on Bhuvan, satellite and map base sharing from Bhuvan for user application development, crowd sourcing, APIs, Disaster Services and APIs. It will l also showcase applications carried out for ministries and state government departments and disaster support services on Bhuvan, etc.



Vinod M Bothale

Group Director
Geoportal and WebGIS Services
National Remote Sensing Centre


M Arulraj

Bhuvan Web Services Development
National Remote Sensing Centre


Sonal Agarwal

Bhuvan Web Services Development
National Remote Sensing Centree