Advanced Maps for Instantly Smarter India

No More Waiting: Advanced Maps for Instantly Smarter India


The promise and excitement for Smart Cities is immense, but the wait for cities to become Smarter appears to be indefinite. This seminar will highlight how Advanced Maps are a ready-to-use asset for governments and enterprises, enabling them to go 'Smart' instantly, rather than wait indefinitely and re-building already available infrastructure from scratch. With Advanced Maps, cities, governments and enterprises can benefit from detailed building level maps, with rich set of accurate and comprehensive layers of geospatial information which can power a whole host of smart city applications. The seminar will also feature the RealView panoramic technology platform, which proves photo-realistic clarity about each and every part of the Smart City sitting anywhere. Decision makers will come away from the seminar well-informed on ready-to-use assets including comprehensive map data, map APIs, tracking systems, navigation systems, RealView as well as a whole host of Smart City applications enabling them to meet and deliver on the promise of Smart Cities.