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A recent survey conducted by a leading Geospatial company cited that organisations can spend millions of dollars on geospatial but their senior executives grossly undervalue the technology's contribution to business. However, various forward looking organizations across industries around the globe are realizing slowly but, surely, the true potentiality of geospatial rather than just limiting its potentiality to a single workstation in one corner of the office dedicated for analytical purposes.

Geospatial technology comprehensively provides a perfect ecosystem to support measurement, storage, analysis, planning, decision making and so on for an organization. The adapters of this technology are already reaping huge rewards in the form of making faster business decisions and saving millions of dollars in the process. It is already proven that if embedded into an enterprise system, GIS data can be linked to corporate financial systems and other platforms to deliver charts and reports that would directly impact and aid management's decision-making process. The ability to make faster decisions and save tens of millions of dollars. This is potentially changing the very face of the way business is done today and not just how geospatial is used.

The CIO Forum at GeoSmart India, 2016 will throw spotlight on the inherent benefits derived by the adoption of geospatial technology at the enterprise level by some of the key organizations, across India. Hear and learn from the CIOs and IT Heads of several organizations across various industries on their "Geospatial-Driven" success mantra.

Forum Objectives

The CIO Forum endeavours to serve the following key objectives: -

  • To provide a platform for dialogue and exchanges between enterprise-level geospatial technology adapter companies comprising of both the private as well as the public sector;
  • To highlight the integration of geospatial with information technology initiatives that could help decision making, planning, implementation and execution of sustainable growth for organizations;
  • To create geospatial awareness and future collaboration opportunities among the technology users segment within the region;
  • To discuss on the merits of aligning geospatial at the enterprise level for informed decision making and substantial cost saving.

Target Stakeholders

The Forum shall target the following stakeholders: -

  • Enterprise-Level Geospatial Technology Users/Adapters within the Public and the Private Sector to share their successful experiences having adapted this technology.
  • Non-Adapter/Soon to Adapt organizations from the Public and the Private Sector to hear and learn from the adapters of this technology on their success formula related to GIS.
  • Geospatial Technology Providers to highlight their international expertise in piecing up together the bigger picture.

Target Audience

  • Financial and Insurance Services
  • Construction and Infrastructure
  • Telecom
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Healthcare
  • Tourism & Transport
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing