GeoSmart India

GeoSmart India (Former India Geospatial Forum) India has made progress towards its goal of bringing millions of people in digital arena and giving them a better living condition. What is the need of hour now is a productivity- and efficiency-led transformation. Geospatial can have a disruptive impact on Indian businesses, government, and society. It is a powerful technology that can help raise productivity, improve efficiency across major sectors of the economy, and radically alter how services are delivered.

The "empowering" technology has the potential to add economic value and help bring a decent standard of living to millions of Indians. Government plays a key role in enabling technologies and applications. Government can accelerate the build-out of the geospatial infrastructure needed and its adoption, entrepreneurism and innovation. In the recent policy announcements like Digital India initiative, smart cities projects, National Rural Internet and Technology Mission, geospatial technology can have massive economic and social impact by reducing costs, expanding access to services, delivering more consumer value, and reducing inefficiencies.

As our response to address the evolution, changes and innovation of geospatial technology, India Geospatial Forum (IGF) is now Geo-Smart India which shall delve into the immense scope and the very critical role of advanced, latest and smarter geospatial technologies across various sectors that contribute to progressive and sustainable development of the region.

The GeoSmart India 2016 Conference and exhibition will provide a common forum to discuss and deliberate some of the most challenging issues, new areas and upcoming technologies with stakeholders who are engaged in implementing these projects. The conference methodology would be interactive one including plenary sessions, meetings, demos, presentations, projects and solutions. It will also give opportunities for one to one meetings, group discussions and networking.