Speaker Bio & Abstract

Vinit Reddy Director Innovation and Operations

Abstract Building a Modern Data Platform for a Smart cityThough, a formal definition of a smart city exists, we propose a new definition from a data management perspective. A smart city employs a combination of data collection, processing, and disseminating technologies in conjunction with networking and computing technologies and data security and privacy measures encouraging application innovation to promote the overall quality of life for its citizens and covering dimensions that include: utilities, health, transportation, entertainment and Government Services and many more

The Problem: Lack of Data Governance and Data Strategy. Data in Silos. Data distributed and no security on who has access to what data. With the growing data, they wanted to start a foundation architecture over which they wanted to build.

Our Solution to the Problem: Gathis Data Framework and Data Services that includes Curation, Provisioning and Virtualization Services and execution methodology helps reduce Storage, Processing and Labor costs.
Crash Details
Citizen Survey
Planning Cases
Utilities Sewer & Manholes
Snow & Ices
Police Crime & Theft

The Benefit:

The use of open source tech stack helps leverage existing investments in infrastructure and produce highly scalable solution with ease of maintenance.
They have a Strategic Road map in place
They also are seeing the results as the roadmap is build with bringing the business value incrementally. The visual dashboards are shown above.
The In-house data team is seamlessly managing the data without worrying to much about data quality issues.