Speaker Bio & Abstract

K.Boopathi Director & Division Head
R&D and Resource Data Analytic and Forecasting

BiographyMr. K. Boopathi is basically a Mechanical Engineer, received Master Degree (M. Tech) in Energy Engineering at Regional Engineering College, Trichy and Footwear Science & Engineering in Anna University, Chennai. He entered as faculty at Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore, where he has effectively educated various Mechanical Engineering subjects for about one year and also he worked in various Renewable Energy Projects such as 10 kW Solar Dish Stirling Engine and 100 kW Biomass Gasification plant.

He has been appointed in January 2003 as Scientist in National Institute of Wind Energy, (NIWE) (formerly Centre for Wind Energy Technology) in which he dedicated to assess the wind resource potential of India at 50 m height and successfully published for public and actively involved in wind data monitoring, measurement campaign management, and data Validation, Site Pre-feasibility studies. Wind turbine noise measurement and small wind turbine testing etc.

In March 2012, he has been championed as Wind Resource Assessment Head and led the unit prosperously. He has given consultancy for leading Government organization, Public sectors and Private organizations such as Wind Farm design and development, Analysis of existing wind farm operations, Technical due diligence in virtuosity with international standards, DPRs (Detailed Project Report) preparation, etc.

He has also involved in various research projects such as offshore wind profile measurement, study on Wake behind the wind turbine and wind power forecasting, etc. In May 2015 successfully launched wind power forecasting project for the state of Tamilnadu and the project has been successfully progressing in the state. In September 2015 successfully prepared and released 100 m height wind potential map with 500 m resolution and in 2016 August released 20 m height wind speed map for small wind energy sectors. His responsibilities include preparation of wind atlas at 120 m height, offshore wind profile measurement activities in various locations, extending wind power forecasting services to other states, prefeasibility study, DPR preparation, project development assistance, wind resource and energy assessments, training, analyzing wind data and performing correlation between wind measurements systems and long term Data, Provide energy resource assessments and production calculations, Optimize turbine layouts according to resources and constraints. Providing consulting services to clients and manages consulting and research projects. Other activities have included wind resource training to various officials/colleges/faculties /wind farm developers. Involving preparation of India’s Onshore and wind & solar hybrid policy, islands hybrid wind/diesel power systems. Currently he is looking after Research & Development and Resource Data Analytics & Forecasting division and has been leading the division prosperously.