Speaker Bio & Abstract

Varun Chakravarthy Co-founder and Director

BiographyVarun is a director at Sociometrik, an organization driving the use of geospatial analytics, location intelligence and big-data analytics, in mainstream commercial and policy decision making. Academically, Varun has an MSC in Economics and Public Policy and a Bachelors in Economics. He comes with over 5 years of experience of having worked primarily with monitoring and evaluation (M & E), data analysis and analytics. When working with IDinsight, he led projects setting up technology driven field monitoring systems for a flagship program for NITI Aayog/GOI, and running an impact evaluation and process monitoring for an education intervention in Delhi and rural, Uttar Pradesh. Prior to IDinsight, Varun worked with Indicus Analytics, where he worked with government (MIS/National Accounts) data; and worked with geospatial data in coming up with alternate estimates of poverty and affluence. Through his work Varun yearns to bring together alternate sources of data, technology and a sound estimation foundation to generate intelligence empowering decision makers across different sectors.