Speaker Bio & Abstract

Pranav Saxena Senior Director - Supply Chain

BiographyPranav is the Co-Founder MeduLance.-Indias first GPS based platform for first point medical attention.The company has saved and assisted more than 5000 lives till date. He has a degree in Finance from the esteemed Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies. He has learnt the art of balancing aggressive growth and integrating customer feedback at the same time. He has won the admiration of the team with his vibrant and supportive attitude, coupled with a clear focus on results. Pranav has been instrumental in partner acquisition efforts for his company. Pranav also actively contributes to the hiring process and plays an important role in investor relations Pranav had an opportunity to be involved with Zomato at a very early stage, helping them increase revenue in the National Capital Region, and uses that intense business development exposure to great effect. He also leverages his marketing lead experience with ThatsRealty, a real estate start-up, as well as some quality time in strategy and operations consulting at Deloitte, to add value to his role at Medulance