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Haque Mobassir Imtiyaz IT Operations Engineer
Here Tech

BiographyCurrent Designation
IT Operations Engineer Here Technologies
Achievements and Education
1. M.E Electronics
2. 3-Patents Filed
3. 10 International Research paper
4. 2 IEEE publications
5. Board member of scientific journal
6. Former Lecturer In An Engineering college
7. Author of the Book Youngion Abstract Public health services in India are inadequate and constrained in the current scenario. Be it the doctor to patient ratio ,the serving capacity of hospitals , basic hygiene and quality of care or issues like providing critical /emergency services on time , the in-availability of beds during emergency, difficulty in accessing proper treatment have made the situation more complex resulting in many precious lives lost or permanently dis-abled.

To overcome the listed issues we propose a solution that will be able to provide world class medical facilities to citizens of India ensuring quality care for all, every time at all places and also providing the ability to take informed decisions regarding the hospitals that would best suit them. This would be done merging location data technology with Wireless area network to be known as WH-CARE. WH-CARE (Wireless Health- CARE) at its core will have layered structure, lowest layer will have smallest administrative level of a cities namely localities and sub localities divided in grids and the nearest availabile primary health care center will be identified.

People will be wirelessly connected and can access all health care services instantly .Wireless interface of user will be a belt monitoring body basic parameters & will record it completely & when required this will enable speedy connection to primary health care, technical details will follow in paper, following layers will interface emergency critical services like trauma & blood transfusion, primary health care centers to higher facilities making best care available on request & accessible in time. Detail technical structure of WH-CARE, challenges & opportunities will follow