Speaker Bio & Abstract

ChairpersonDr. Ritesh Arya Director Geothermal
International Sustainable Energy Organization, ISEO

BiographyDr Ritesh Arya, geologist from PU Chandigarh is Guinness World record holder and member of WG National Institute of Hydrogeology Roorkee. He is Director, Geothermal Section International Sustainable Energy Organization (ISEO) Geneva.

His Mission – Right to free safe sustainable Water & Energy for all in changing CLIMATE conditions is the key for building sustainable habitats in geologically favourable environments.

He started his carrier in 1993 as hydrogeologist in Himachal Government to provide sustainable groundwater solutions. He blended modern technology and traditional hydrogeological wisdom to prepare "Conceptual model to explain occurrence and movement of groundwater resources in Himalaya" which were earlier considered to be devoid of it and presented in International Geological Congress China. In 1997 he left his govt job to start his own venture Arya Drillers to provide groundwater solutions on NO WATER..NO MONEY basis. Providing water to the Tibetans who fled Tibet following Chinese aggression in 1959 and settled in Ladakh through a project sponsored by Water Aid UK was his 1st project. He pioneered groundwater solutions for civil and army in Siachen, Kargil, Leh and other remote inaccessible areas in Himalaya. , India Today rightly called him "The Incredible Waterman".

Dr Arya prepared geothermal map of India to show that India has vast potential of geothermal energy which can be used for Geo conditioning of buildings to save upto 30% electricity and also developed Agneyodgara (Lava Energy) GEOCOGEN - concept to produce GIGA Watts of green, clean, safe, FREE sustainable energy for all. Guardian judged "Agneyodgara” among Top 10 innovations in World Future Energy Summit Abu Dhabi.

Dr Arya’s Geological finding for the 1st time scientifically showed Climate change is natural cyclic process but pollution is manmade and needs to be controlled using better technologies. He presented Arya's C cycle -Climate change natural based on paleo climatic signatures discovered by him in International Conference on Climate change and showed “HOW global warming can be the best part to be on this PLANET EARTH”