Vision "New India"

India is on the anvil of a major evolution, which is largely supported by technical advancements that will give rise to a digital world where efficient and smart systems will enable in building a new, clean, healthy, secure, inclusive and robust India.

In order to advance on its vision, the Government has laid out plans for Digital India, Smart Cities, High Speed Railways, Irrigation and Skill Development, aiming to create a sustainable base for continuing this development into the next decade. Geospatial technology is essential to each of these programs as it provides a platform that is capable of assimilating real time data, provides an efficient processing system and the delivers a shared, visual and lucid product that facilitates effective, efficient and informed decision making. The integration of geospatial technology in the New India Vision will enable the development of applications that have the potential to revolutionize productivity and efficiency across the industry.

With the Vision New India: Digital Transformation through Geospatial Innovation theme the GeoSmart India is set to discuss the upcoming future of a dynamic, inclusive and robust India that shall use geospatial technology as the backbone to set up systems that are efficient comprehensive and inclusive. We will bring together all stakeholders from the government, the private sector and the society at large to envision and plan an intelligent New India.