Theme Location Intelligence: Empowering the Indian BFSI Industry

16-17 November 2022


A country’s healthy economy is largely due to the smooth functioning of its banking system, capital mobility and financial stability of the country. BFSI forms the backbone of the trade, commerce, insurance, and investment activities of the country. The industry is the fifth biggest on the planet and is esteemed at INR. 81 trillion, as would be considered normal to turn into the third biggest by 2025. Thus, the Indian BFSI sector needs to match up the standard and take all the necessary measures to attain the desired ranking soon.

Today, the BFSI industry work on tech savvy gadgets, making online banking the new normal. Tools like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, Robotic Process Automation, and Geospatial Information System (GIS), Remote Sensing, Global Positioning System (GPS) have taken the charge to form the BFSI business in the most ideal manner. Read More...

With the usage of geospatial technology, the industry has witnessed tremendous growth but along with the opportunities there are few risks associated, which rises when the technology is not used in the right manner. The government along with various financial institution are focusing on creating awareness and investing in training the human resource, developing rules and regulation to be followed and collaborating with the private players which will help the industry to flourish and reduce the downfall at the same time.

GeoSmart India 2022 aims to bring together the thought leaders and geospatial experts across the BFSI industry to brainstorm and discuss this emerging technology in reshaping the industry, key advancements, governments plan and policies to strengthen the BFSI landscape. Read Less


Provide a forum for the interchange of thought among the policy makers, end users and industry leaders to discuss about the scope, challenges and roadmap for the sector’s progress.

To empower and make mindfulness about the utilization of geospatial technology in the BFSI business through the power-stuffed sessions.


  • Geospatial industry experts
  • CEO’S & CXO’s
  • Chief Technology Officer, Chief Information Officer, IT Heads
  • Policy Makers
  • Industry Association
  • BFSI Professionals
  • Academia & Research Bodies
  • Fintech Companies
  • Insurtech
  • NBFC
  • Consulting firms

Key Discussion Area

Day 1: November 16, 2022 (Wednesday)

Integrating Geo Location+4IR for BFSI
  • Geo sales and Marketing leading the way towards right customer
  • AI & ML for monitoring Financial Access Points
  • Reduce Delinquency of Non-Performing Assets by improved data analytics
  • Countering Cyber Threat with IoT
Bridging the gap with location-based technology in insurance
  • What and where are the gaps?
  • Use of Geo-CRM for collection of Debt
  • Role of GIS and Remote Sensing in Insurance (Agriculture, Industry & Infrastructure)
  • GIS Mapping for understanding risk factors with the place
  • Utilizing geospatial data for fraud detection and prevention
Preparing for the changing landscape of insurance
  • Trends and opportunities in the InsurTech Industry
  • Use of geographic information system (GIS) during natural disaster and pandemic situations
  • Use of AI and IoT to tackle new risk
  • Future applications of geospatial technology in the insurance industry

Day 2: November 17, 2022 (Thursday)

Geo Location and Fintech empowering Digital Payment
  • RBI’s geo-tagging framework on digital payment
  • Use of Drones and 3D mobile technology in banking
  • Advanced mobile banking and chatbots with GPS
Strategy and Roadmap for Location Technology in BFSI
  • Existing schemes and guideline to use the technology
  • Government investment plan
  • De-regulation opening doors for startups
  • Potential future Geospatial Technology applications in industry and for consumers