GKI & IT Strategy for transforming National Geospatial Agencies

Wednesday, 16 Nov 2022 | 1400 - 1730 hrs | Hall - 1.02


Nations are striving for improved geospatial information management and many are planning future geospatial infrastructures using the United Nations Integrated Geospatial Information Framework. Emerging technologies and the growing digital ecosystem enable the rapidly growing geospatial ecosystem and digital user communities to generate knowledge that leads to good decisions, better services and increased social, economic and environmental value. The Geospatial Knowledge Infrastructure (GKI) supports the development of policies, strategies, action plans and collaborations to increase the value that technology and data bring to national socio-economic development. As we move from 'Data to Knowledge' dealing with large geospatial data sets for real-time processing presents many challenges. To support the digital transition, needs IT modernization to support future geospatial infrastructure like GKI. Understanding the same we are organizing a workshop on GKI & IT Strategy for Transformation of National Geospatial Agencies.


  • To understand the need of IT modernization to support Geospatial Knowledge Infrastructure.
  • To understand the need of evolution of geoportals - from data provision to analytics capabilities to knowledge dissemination
  • To understand the evolving collaborations and partnerships with the private digital industry
  • To support National Geospatial Agencies, gain greater value from digital transition.


1400 - 1410 hrs Opening Remarks & Presentation on Introduction to GKI & Geospatial Knowledge Divide

  • Why GKI,what is GKI?
  • How GKI supports national development, the development of digital infrastructures and geospatial ecosystems
  • Geospatial knowledge divide (summarising key findings from India GKI Readiness index)

Dr Shivangi Somvanshi Director-GKI, Geospatial World
1410 - 1450 hrs Cloud Platform

  • Cloud computing and how it enables digital infrastructure for geospatial knowledge services

Sanjiv Kumar Jha Principal Smart Infra - SA, Amazon Web Services (AWS)
1450 - 1510 hrs Break

1510 - 1550 hrs Analytics : Deep Learning and AI

  • Primer on Mapping: Problem solving using Geospatial AI with use cases on Disaster Management & Health Care sector
  • Marketplace for data and stats

Shravan Kumar Sr. Director, Client Success, Gramener
1550 - 1700 hrs Hyperlocal Data Analytics

Puneet Singh Director, Pessl Instruments
1700 - 1730 hrs End - to - End Drone Solutions

Vipul Singh Co-founder & CEO, Aarav Unmanned Systems