Character and Elements

While serving as a platform for Government, policy makers, business leaders to converge and debate over the potential and value impact of Geospatial technologies in the larger digital economy, GeoSmart India shall have following elements:


Present a comprehensive assessment of the size, value impact, drivers, users, challenges, trends and innovations of geospatial industry covering technologies, infrastructure and policies.


Shall host a series of insightful panel discussions, debates. It shall also be the venue for release of the next edition of Geospatial Artha Report


Recognizing the fact that geospatial infrastructure and policy frameworks can greatly support and enhance the geospatial industry and its output, this platform shall open dialogue on geospatial policies to realize potential.


Platform to connect with users, technology companies, geospatial org, start-ups and innovators to capture the growth drivers, understand challenges & innovations in the field and discover new models of engagement.


Designed to strengthen the ongoing collaborative environment with a series of programs during the conference.