Digital Cities

Theme New Realities. Evolving Technology. Disruptive Business Models

16-17 NOVEMBER 2022

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The future of humanity is inevitably urban. Cities with a drive towards economic growth and improved quality of life of people by enabling local area development and harnessing technology leads to Smart outcomes. Digitization stands as an essential, unstoppable revolution to ensure future-proof cities focused on people and the environment. At the crossroads of tech and cities, there’s an opportunity for a more sustainable and inclusive world. The program on Geospatial for Smart Cities is the place to drive a powerful urban tomorrow of the nation.


Interchange of ideas and on state-of-the-art technology with respect to Smart City development among the Government Agencies, AEC Experts, Transportation Experts, Experts from – Energy, Water and Waste Management along with leaders from the ICT and Geospatial Industry

Highlight the benefits of geospatial technology in city mechanisms and increasing adoption across various smart city pillars

Enhancing collaboration between authorities and business to cater to the challenges that urban development and planning authorities are seeking to address


  • Experts from key individual pillars of smart cities as planning, infrastructure, transportation, safety, utilities
  • Heads of urban local bodies
  • Smart City thought leaders and experts
  • Smart City Authorities
  • City & town planners
  • Consultants
  • Engineering Firms
  • Funding Agencies
  • Geospatial technology experts
  • IT Solutions Providers/Smart Technology Experts
  • Policy Makers
  • Project Executing Agencies
  • Academic & Research Bodies


City as a Platform: Towards Connected City
  • Digital Cities Enabling Urban Innovations
  • Open data an enabler for innovations
  • Smart City: Using Geospatial Technologies to Inform & Engage Citizens
Disruptive Technology Enabling Smart Cities
  • AI & Analytics: The Future of Public Service/ AI and IoT for Smart Cities
  • Location and 3D Information
  • City Information Modelling
Towards Smart & Spatially Connected Governance
  • Smart Governance and Smart City Planning
  • Integrating Location Technologies in Decision-Making Processes
Smart Mobility: Fostering Faster and Greener Transportation
  • Smart Vehicles: Hyper-Connecting Transport Infrastructure
  • Data for Future Mobility Ecosystems
  • Connected Infrastructure for Smart Mobility
Next Wave of Smart Utility
  • Smart Energy Empowering Cities
  • Smart Water Management: Leak Control and Prevention
Technology Integration (BIM, Geospatial and ICT): Designing and Constructing Resilient Cities
  • GeoBIM and Smart Cities
  • Modernizing Infrastructure & Facility Operations