GIS Tech Talks (By Esri India)

Wednesday, 16 Nov 2022 | 0930 - 1730 hrs | Hall - 2.02


1030 - 1030 hrs Data Science

This session will introduce you to modern tools of Deep Learning and apply them on your routine works like feature detection, extraction etc., with no code

Deepanwita Dutt
1030 - 1100 hrs End to End Drone Solutions

This session will introduce you to SaaS-based end to end Drone processing solution

Samkith Bagmar Manager - Drone Solution, Esri India
1200 - 1230 hrs Utility

We will introduce you to the modern Utility network.

Utkarsh Shah
1500 - 1530 hrs Indo ArcGIS - Datasets and Solution Products

Curated datasets and templates for ready to use for your GIS needs.

Kamlesh Sharma
Krishna VSAV Senior Manager - Solution Development, Esri India
1600 - 1630 hrs Cloud and Managed Services

Our offerings for Managed Services.

Satya Rednam