Land & Property Management

Theme Emerging Technology Streamlining Good Land Governance

16-17 November 2022

Co-organizer bharat
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Land is the most fundamental resource for facilitation of economic development. In most countries, land accounts for between half and three quarters of national wealth. A vital input in agricultural production, food security, infrastructure, and urbanization. Efforts have been made to developing systems to administer land rights, land administration systems and security of land tenure. Hence, Land Administration Systems need to be viewed as highly valuable tools as they safeguard the country’s most valuable assets. India is amongst many countries that has established effective land administration programs and this has resulted in continued social and economic development.

Today, technology enables us to facilitate Land Administration needs in an effective and efficient manner and is being used to modernize land administration world over. The major benefits that result from the use of this technology for land administration can be summed up as:

  • Rapid and near real-time supply of land information to customers
  • Daily maintenance of land records, cadastral maps, parcel information, etc., up-to date
  • Rapid and on-line delivery of notarial deeds and title documents

With the goal of deliberating on technology adoption that will help create sustainable and smart systems that make all dimensions of Vision New India more resilient, intelligent and inclusive, a two-day program on Land and Property Management is being organized.

Topic of Discussion

Reforming Land Administration in India

Data Acquisition for Digitization of Land Records

Integrated Cadaster and Registry: Future of Public Services

Technology Integration and Advancement in Efficient Land Management

Public-Private Partnership: Scope and Models of Engagement