Supply Chain Management

Theme Location Intelligence: Reimagining Supply Chain

16 November 2022


Supply chain management is regarded as the essential component of the nation. It is of the utmost significance because it links the numerous markets, suppliers, and clients dispersed throughout the nation. By fusing several layers of data into a single perspective, Location technology gives business decision-makers situational awareness.

The logistics and supply chain sector are renowned for its increased utilization of manual operations and large amounts of data maintained in many formats and locations. Location technologies present great prospects to support sectors growth and higher productivity during a time of rapid technical advancement and national digital transformation. Read More...

Some of the biggest difficulties in supply chain management include vehicle tracking, driving behavior analysis, fleet alarms, fuel management, route planning and monitoring, inventory management, facility monitoring, traceability, demand prediction, retail consumption analysis, third party logistics, reverse logistics, last mile delivery, and end-to-end logistics services. These problems can be resolved with the aid of Location technology using effective solutions and planned management.

By utilizing Location Technologies, like Satellite hyperspectral Images, Drones, LIDAR, IoT, IIoT and Sensors which automatically reduce complexity by highlighting subtle geographic patterns and relationships that can serve as the foundation for wise decisions, the process can be made simpler.

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Aims and objectives

To provide a platform for showcasing technological demonstrations and utilizing the expertise and experiences of relevant stakeholders

To deliberate on current technology trends in Supply Chain Management

To highlight Government Schemes and Policy guidelines

Opportunity to showcase technology demonstration and leveraging relevant stakeholders knowledge and experiences

In addition to the above the event will create an excellent opportunity for networking and establish a sustainable network of partner and stakeholder organizations.


Learn from good practices demonstrated across the country

Utilize an opportunity to disseminate the results of successful Supply Chain Management System and Location Technology in totality

Meet your peers and share what works and what doesn’t and identify synergies and ways of working together to help in your future work

Be part of a key Location policy and advocacy development and feed into concrete recommendations for action


  • Policy Makers
  • Manufacturers
  • Suppliers
  • Retailers
  • Innovators
  • Distributors
  • Startups
  • Transporters
  • Warehouses
  • Consulting Agencies
  • Consumers
  • Academia

Program Topics

0930-1030 Hrs
Trends in Supply Chain Management
  • Location Technology disrupting supply chain management
  • The Era of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Location Intelligence and its benefits
1030-1130 Hrs
Location Data enhancing Last Mile Delivery: Reshaping Customer Experience
  • Satellite Imagery for last mile delivery
  • Use of Drones in Supply Chain Management
  • Intelligent Maps for route optimization
  • The rise of cloud-based applications
1400-1530 Hrs
End to End (E2E) Supply Chain Planning and Visibility
  • Managing complete life cycle of product from Raw material to manufacturing until delivery
  • Better decision-making using maps
  • Improving fleet management with real-time data
  • Use of Location Intelligence in E2E Supply Chain
1630-1800 Hrs
Location Technology in Warehouse and Logistics
  • Spatially intelligent warehousing
  • Location data warehousing for decision making processes
  • Digital Warehouses using IoT, IIOT and RFID
  • Automated Warehousing for product stocking