Theme: “#geospatialbydefault: Empowering Billions”

Technology integration, innovation and policy reforms are bringing significant attention to geospatial technology and expanding its reach to larger masses of the society and optimizing business processes.

Being an integral part of this disruptive journey, geospatial industry is now open to larger market drivers, creating new growth opportunities. The hidden treasure of spatial thinking is being unveiled through collaborative, interactive, and more user-friendly platform. Simplifying utility and value of spatial knowledge for consumers became a determining factor for successful business models.

With a significant role in making the country “Atmanirbhar” by driving innovations and building scalable solutions, geospatial is becoming ubiquitous, pervasive, and ‘default’ in our daily lives. Join the #geospatialbydefault movement as we strive to make geographic information a common language for people of India!