Urban Development, Utility & Networks

Theme: Connected Information Ecosystems Enabling Integrated Urban Governance

18-19 OCTOBER 2023


As urban populations grow in India, the relationship between urbanization, city planning, utilities, and telecom networks becomes crucial for urban renewal. The goal is to improve city functionality, governance, citizen – centric inclusivity and renewing towards greener India by harnessing new and renewable energy. Geospatial data, along with emerging technologies like AI, IoT, and Big Data, plays a central role in empowering experts to address complex urban challenges. This enables advanced nationwide urban planning implementation and ensures inclusivity for all. In 2022, The National Geospatial Policy recognized that a well-designed geospatial infrastructure and digital twin framework enable real-time monitoring and analysis of various urban factors, leading to innovative integrated solutions. It also emphasized the importance of last-mile connectivity through connected networks ecosystem for binding citizens, utilities and creating holistic urban development and a citizen-centric economy.

Topics of Discussion

  • Connected Information Ecosystems Enabling Integrated Urban Governance: A Shared Digital Infrastructure, Leadership Development, Data-Driven Urban Transformation and Citizen-Centric Smart Governance
  • Digital transformation enabling resilient and sustainable urban development: AMRUT 2.0, Geospatial and frontier technology adoption, Impact of adoption of geospatial and frontier technology in national and regional urban development schemes
  • Connected Network System - SMARTNET: Strengthening Digital Infrastructure, Protecting Privacy and Cybersecurity, Urban Digital Mission, U – BOX
  • National Geospatial Infrastructure and Its Impact + Opportunities on Urban Development: Centralized Systems, Adopting a Multi Disciplinary and Multi-Sectoral Data Perspective, Policy Mandate, Evolving roles of Urban Development, ULB’s Financial Model – Gap Centres
  • Geospatial-Enabled Connected Digital Twins for Integrated Urban Governance: National Smart Grid Mission: Net Zero Power Sector, Digital Technologies for Energy Transition, SCADA
  • Electric Mobility: Green Mobility, Electric Highways and Vehicle Grid Integration (VGI)
  • Evolving Collaboration Models for Integrated Urban Governance: Digitalization of Infrastructure Ecosystem, Data collection and data Sharing for Integrated Urban Governance, Inter-State Connected Communication Systems and Fast Response, Partnerships
  • Strategic Frameworks for Operationalizing Integrated Governance Systems

Target Audience

  • Central, state, local gov. and Authorities
  • Policy makers
  • Urban planners, architects, and landscape designers
  • Utility & Network companies
  • Communication Authority
  • Renewable Stakeholders
  • Consultants & Advisors
  • E-mobility Stakeholders
  • Environmentalists and conservationists
  • Researcher, & Academia
  • Community leaders and representatives
  • Technology providers and innovators