Theme: Transforming the Future of Indian Agriculture

19 October 2023
#drivethechange | #GEOAGRI2023 | #geosmartindia


Agriculture is pivotal to India's economy, covering a vast 328.7 million hectares, employing 54.6% of the population, and contributing a significant 17.4% to the GDP. The government is actively digitizing the agriculture sector through the "India go vocal on making it local and digital" initiative. These initiatives encompass multiple aspects, including enhancing farming practices, improving nutrition among citizens, ensuring food security, increasing exports, monitoring the health of agricultural land and crops, and promoting sustainable cultivation like organic farming and expanding research and infrastructure while preserving soil nutrients and much more. Also, the approach is to digitally connect ecosystem, fosters sustainability, drives economic growth, and paves the way for a self-sustaining agricultural economy.

Topics to be covered

  • GeoAgri 2047: Transforming the Future of Indian Agriculture: Digital Transformation and Geospatial Technology, Mobile Application, Empowering India Farmers, Agri Stack Initiative
  • Digital Agriculture and Irrigation Systems: Agriculture Infrastructure for Smart Farm Management, Technology & Innovation, Precision Agriculture, Digital Crop Survey
  • Smart Data Analytics & Management: Climate Data Tech, Weather Data, Soil & Crop Monitoring, Smart Dashboards, Filling in the Data Gap: Power of “Where”
  • Smart Food Systems - Farm to Fork: Innovative Value Chains, Smart Agri - Mandi Network - Supply Chain
  • Smart Agri–Invest: Innovative Financing Models - Climate Smart Financing

Target Audience

  • Ministry of Agriculture
  • Ministries of Rural Development
  • Ministry of Water Resources
  • Corp Forecasting Organizations
  • Agriculture Insurance Organizations
  • Research Organizations and Academia
  • Industrial Players
  • Scientists
  • Policy Makers
  • Data Providers
  • Consultants
  • National Agricultural Agencies
  • Agricultural Farm Equipment Providers and Manufacturers
  • Start-ups and Self Entrepreneurs