Environment & climate change


18 OCTOBER 2023
#geosmartindia | #drivethechange | #geoenviron | #climatechange

“प्रकृति रक्षति रक्षितः II”
“Nature protects those who protect it”


Human activities, especially with modern technology, pose a significant threat to the environment's stability. Humans can inadvertently or deliberately cause irreversible changes to the environment which can be evidently seen in terms of climate change. The "LIFE" initiative by Government of India aims to foster environmental consciousness by leveraging social networks to influence climate-related social norms and create a global network of 'Pro-Planet People' (P3) committed to adopting and promoting eco-friendly lifestyles. India's approach to combating climate change is people-centric, with ambitious goals like achieving net-zero emissions by 2070 and reducing GDP emissions intensity by 45% by 2030.

Topics of Discussion

  • Mission LiFE - Collective Climate Action for Sustainable Future: Technology & Partnership, Policy Briefs, Conscious Accountability, Carbon Sequestering, Leadership Vision
  • Way Forward to Climate Justice & Sustainable Futures: Smart Green Growth of India: Transforming for a 1.5° World” and “Committed to Nature Positive World, Climate Smart Financing, ESG, Restoring and Regenerating Landscapes
  • Geospatial Infrastructure for Disaster Resiliency and Risk Reduction: Disaster Management, Warning Systems, Smart Mobile Applications, Reducing Climate and Environmental Risk, Mountain Economies
  • Filling in the Data Gap: Geospatial for Impact: Hot Spots, Climate Data Tech, Weather Data, Wildlife – Green Land Mapping & Monitoring, Innovative Value Chains

Target Audience

  • Central and state government departments
  • Technology & Service Providers
  • Policy makers
  • Academia & research institutions
  • Consultants & project implementers
  • Geospatial technology companies
  • Management consultants – technology, market advisory and financials
  • NGOs and multilateral organizations
  • Start-ups – social entrepreneurs
  • Disaster management authority