Exploration & Mining

Theme: Geospatial Infrastructure & Digital Twin Supporting Sustainable Mandates Into Digital Exploration & Mining

18-19 OCTOBER 2023
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India’s abundant mineral resources, managed by the Geological Survey of India (GSI) since 1851, hold significant potential for responsible mining. Geospatial technology along with frontier technologies especially digital twin is pivotal in mineral prospecting. As the world shifts towards a low-carbon economy, the mining sector is set to transform through digitalization and geospatial integration. Geological mapping is no longer limited to resource management; it now encompasses continuous Earth system monitoring, asset tracking and more, both above and below the surface. This presents a remarkable opportunity for the mining & exploration sector to explore new frontiers by leveraging technologies and measure the risk by virtually seeing the reality and making real – time decisions accordingly into mining workflows, thereby enhancing sustainability in immediate ecosystem.

Topics to be covered

  • Exploration and Mining: Digital Transformation of Mining Industry, Geospatial Infrastructure & Digital Twins
  • Clean and Sustainable Mining: Best Practices in Governance, Regulatory Compliances, Policy Framework, Standards and Sustainable Mandates, Environmental Impact Assessments, Local Community Rehabilitations
  • Exploration of Minerals: Sub-Surface - Underground Mining, Survey and Exploration Techniques, Mapping Techniques, Resource assessment to earth systems monitoring and risk mitigation
  • Extraction and Production (Plant-Process & Maintenance): Energy-Efficient Mine Design, Geological Mapping and Modelling, Mine Monitoring and Control
  • Asset Management & Operations: Digital Technology in Mining: Automation, Digitalization, and Data Analytics, 3D Sub-Surface Mapping and Modelling, Satellite Imagery, Drones, and LiDAR
  • Logistics & Supply Chain: Vehicle and Asset Management, Collision Avoidance Systems, Advancements in Supply Chain Management, Mine to Market Distribution Network, Digital Solutions in Mining Operations

Target Audience

  • Mine owners and operators including multi- national corporations
  • Investors in mining and resource development
  • Specialists involved in exploration, geology, mining, processing, social performance, environment, community and mine safety
  • OEMs and the mining equipment, technology and services sector (METS)
  • Companies providing transport, energy and materials, communication and digital platforms, and other support services
  • National, state and provincial government representatives
  • Regulators & Policy Makers
  • Researchers, scientists and academics
  • Educators (universities and colleges) and other training providers
  • Community representatives and civil society organisations
  • Subject Matter Experts & Consultants