New Space Economy

Theme: Future Focus: India’s New Space Economy

2 Day Session at Geosmart India 2023
18-19 OCTOBER 2023


The burgeoning Indian Space economy has undergone rapid expansion, reshaped the nation’s digital infrastructure and fostering all-encompassing advancement, sustainability, and expansion. Its reach extends beyond Earth Observation & Remote Sensing, encompassing pivotal communication endeavors. From bridging connectivity gaps in remote locales to supporting first responders in disaster scenarios, India remains steadfast in its dedication to unshackled, transparent, and conscientious space exploration, championing orbital viability. Anticipated to exceed USD 10 billion by 2025, the nation’s space economy stands poised to cast a substantial impact on diverse spheres such as 5G, AI, data analytics, cloud storage, and swift downstream relaying. This transformative influence reverberates globally, catalyzed by ingenious services and solutions.

Topics of Discussion

At the Geosmart India 2023, 2 day program on space will focus on
  • Future Focus: India’s New Space Economy
  • Space & Geospatial: Force Multipliers for a Better Tomorrow
  • Commercialization of India’s Space Capabilities: Roadmap for Industries
  • User cases/ Demo: 3-4 Case Studies on Agriculture, Mining, EO, Space for Community, Rural Development
  • Fostering International Space Collaboration towards strengthening Space diplomacy
  • Opportunities for Space based Geospatial Products & Services
  • In Conversation: Space Investment Scenario in India
  • Space and Geo Driving Industry 4.0: Rebooting Start-up
  • Earth Observation: Key trends and Way Forward
  • Transition from Supply Based Model to Demand based Model

Target Audience

  • Government Space Agencies and Institutions
  • Private Space Companies
  • Research and Academic Institutions
  • Telecommunication and Broadcasting Industry
  • Agriculture and Environmental Sector
  • Defense and National Security
  • Navigation and Location-Based Services
  • Transportation and Logistics Industry
  • Healthcare and Disaster Management
  • Financial and Investment Institutions
  • International Collaborators and Organizations
  • Geospatial and Emerging Technical Industry
  • Startups
  • Labs and Investor Ecosystems