GeoSmart Construction and Infrastructure

Theme: The Power of GeoConstructioneering

With increasing population, mass urbanization and modernization of developing countries, the construction and infrastructure industry is growing rapidly. Such a growth will also see a surge in demand for emerging technologies to further efficiency and productivity in the industry. The future requires other emerging technologies like Geospatial, BIM, IoT, Cloud, AR/VR to converge in building a more integrated system for modelling and executing construction projects.

This program will focus on a ‘System of Systems’ approach, enabled by converging technologies along with a robust policy framework for the construction and infrastructure sector. The aim is to discover the potential of converging technologies and how they will empower construction and infrastructure transformations.


  • Intelligent construction for an Integrated Transport Ecosystem
  • Monetizing Transport Infrastructure
  • Resilient Transport Infrastructure
  • BIM+ Geospatial: New Era of Convergence
  • Moving towards a Phy-gital Nation
  • Fintech & Proptech: Transforming the Construction and Infrastructure Industry
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