Construction and Infrastructure


GeoSmart India 2021 conference provides a platform that will bring together various stakeholders to understand the potential of converging technologies and how they will empower construction and infrastructure transformations.

The Government of India is keen on advancing infrastructure projects, with the announcement of a USD 1.4 trillion funds targeted at critical infrastructure including power, railways, airports and building construction. Foreign investors are betting on India’s infrastructure sector to drive the country’s GDP target of USD 5 trillion by 2024-25. Improved transparency in project governance of both brownfield projects like expansion of existing airports, and investment in greenfield projects are considered vital for converting these infrastructure projects into cash-flow generating assets.

The ever-growing local demand for infrastructure growth alongside the push for transparency in project management, productivity & quality has pushed the construction companies to adopt best practices in digitalization measures. Indian construction industry is forecasted to gain momentum in digital transformation (DX) despite majority of construction companies (SMEs) in early stages of digitalization in this digital maturity ladder. Digital transformation with BIM, Geospatial technologies and transformative solutions like Digital Twin are set to mark the beginning of a new era in construction.


Digital transformation of construction Industry
Digitalization of Indian Infrastructure for Project Control, Progress Monitoring and Transparency
Geospatial technologies for pre-construction and design-to-execution process
Integrated GIS & BIM for Highway Infrastructure
Digital Twin roadmap for transport infrastructure
Geospatial & 4IR for Rail Infrastructure


  • Urban local bodies and related government agencies
  • Road, Railways and Highways Authorities
  • Policymakers and regulators
  • Communication service/ equipment providers
  • Urban planning and development agencies
  • Infrastructure development organizations
  • Green building solution providers
  • IT solution providers and technology providers
  • Intelligent traffic/ transportation systems providers
  • State housing development agencies
  • Energy Storage Companies
  • Smart meters, Inventors & Battery Providers
  • Power distribution utilities
  • Metering manufacturers
  • Water distribution utilities
  • Security, Surveillance Service Providers
  • Disaster Management Agencies
  • Financial institutions and investment agencies
  • Urban transport operators
  • Energy management consultants
  • Disaster management agencies
  • Construction firms and contractors
  • Consulting and legal firms


Submission Deadline: 30 September 2021

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