Speaker Bio & Abstract

Dr. Rao S. Ramayanam Vice President Middle East
Africa South & East Asia

BiographyDr. Rao S. Ramayanam, is currently working as Vice President Sales, Middle East, Africa, South & East Asia for Capella Space, the first US based commercial SAR company. He is an accomplished senior executive in international sales, business development and marketing with more than 25 years of working experience in international companies and organizations including Capella Space, UrtheCast, DigitalGlobe, GeoEye, Space Imaging, The World Bank, APSRAC (India) and National Remote Sensing Center (India).

He achieved amazing success in the sales of High Resolution Satellite Imagery, Satellite Access, Ground Station sales to International Defense & Intelligence and Commercial Markets. He has extensive experience in cloud based and onsite large enterprise system sales and turn-key project management in Remote Sensing (RS) and GIS applications. His interpersonal skills and team building on a global level helped in establishing a 40 member channel partner network in Middle East, Africa South & East Asia and establishing business relationships in 50+ countries worldwide.

He has developed several remote sensing applications and got the recommendations implemented at the grass root level for micro level planning, disaster management, drought management, irrigation using surface water resources, ground water mapping and management, etc. in the State of Andhra Pradesh where successive Chief Ministers have utilized his services to develop the state. He has been awarded the Astronautical Society of India award for his contributions to remote sensing applications. He has been supporting several customers including the government customers, oil & gas industry customers, construction & real estate industry and environmental industries spread across Middle East, Africa and South & East Asia.Abstract Capella Space's X-Band Synthetic Aperture Radar Satellite Constellation with Hourly Monitoring Capability for National SecurityCapella Space, first US based commercial company, launching 36 X-Band Synthetic Aperture RADAR (SAR) constellation imaging day or night rain or shine. When fully deployed, Capella offers hourly coverage of any point on Earth, rendered in sub-meter resolution, through the worlds largest constellation of radar satellites. The highest resolution that can be obtained is 50 cm both in SLC and GRD Products. The very high-resolution SAR Imagery offered enables the extraction of valuable information such as material properties, elevation, and precise changes and movements, not available with optical imagery. Persistent SAR imagery provides a reliable capability to improve the situational awareness to protect the Country. It enables the detection of enemy actions so threats can be degraded, disrupted, or destroyed before they cause harm. Persistent SAR provides a new game changing capability. The fastest turn-around time from ordering to delivery of the Products in an average of 90 minutes from Capellas cloud-based service enables users to deploy the imagery for near real time management of disasters or events.