Speaker Bio & Abstract

Gomathiraman S Manager, Geospatial Technologies
L & T Nxt, India

BiographyStarted as Site engineer @ CES for 12 years
Joined LNTIEL as an Infrastructure survey personnel handling various projects across the globe and worked for 15 years.
Joined L&T Nxt (L&T Construction Digital Division) as Manager for Geospatial Technologies and Worked in various projects for Drones, LiDAR and GNSS In various L&Ts Infrastructure endeavours. Abstract All engineering and construction professionals need reliable geographic data for Tender, Design, Execution, Operation and Maintenance purposes. Geospatial technologies are extensively used throughout the lifecycle of any infrastructure project. During tender and pre-bid, time and cost are major constraints. GIS Mapping is effectively done for locating major bridges, roads, culverts, etc to understand the geographic challenges and do a better cost estimation. An in-house map based mobile application named LMNoP, which stands for Locate Measure Navigate on Phone, is used for reconnaissance survey. LMNoP is used for junction surveys. At design phase, 3D scanning based geospatial LiDAR surveys on mobile platform is carried out for topographic surveys. The design drawings can be visualized at site using LMNoP+ mobile app. LMNoP+ is compatible with all android smartphones and it works both offline and online mode. The positional accuracy of LMNoP+ is enhanced by integrating with GNSS receiver that gives centimeter level positional accuracy. This enables to precisely locate and map engineering information of the assets. At execution phase, browser based GIS web portal are created which can be easily accessed from anywhere and anytime with the availability of internet. The drive for digitalization has been enabled through the concept of Digital Geography wherein all surveyed data such as topo drawing, drone orthophoto etc., are shared to the end users with a simple user friendly web portal with map functionalities. This enables multiple stakeholders to access the data for various operations in the project. In addition, GIS based project monitoring solutions are built on top of Enterprise GIS technology for project management.

Geographic Information Solution for Smart Operations & Management (GISSOM) plays a critical role and adds value at each step of the operation and maintenance stage. The solution is capable of supporting and mapping all assets in an accurate way. Tools for adding, update and tracking assets is made possible in a single point portal in the most effective way.