India is dramatically expanding its role and influence in the global economy and becoming a power house of digital innovation. The vision is to see the rise of nation where efficient and smart systems are integrated into development and governance to transform itself into a trillion dollar economy that is sustainable, resilient and has citizen welfare at its core.

With the theme IGNITE – INNOVATE – INTEGRATE, GeoSmart India is set to ignite the Indian geospatial ecosystem into innovating through discussions on the convergence of the geospatial with emerging technologies and the integration of these innovations into the solutions for a dynamic India that is efficient, resilient and inclusive. We will bring together all stakeholders from the government, the private sector and the society at large to envision and plan an intelligent New India.


Influencers, thought leaders and policy makers to adopt technology


Through disruption - convergence of geospatial and emerging technologies


Our innovations through the fabric of our society