Location Analytics & Business Intelligence
Date: 15 September 2021 /// Time: 14:00 - 17:00 IST


Theme: Role of Location Intelligence in up-swinging India’s Sustainable Growth

One of the greatest technological disruptions in this digital era has been the ability to harness the power of location data. Location, which was known for mapping and navigation is maturing into intelligence and analytics. With location data and business intelligence, one can seek answers to know “where” things are, “what” are the foot traffic trends, “why” the traffic is less or more, “what” is the prediction of a desired location and more. Location Intelligence connects the physical world to digital data and gives you an edge in the market. In the present scenario, COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in slowdown and shutdown of businesses involving a higher number of foot traffic impacting various sectors of the economy. However, it has also created opportunities for businesses to grow such as e-commerce, shared economy businesses, agriculture and much more even in the unprecedented situation.

Location Analytics and Business Intelligence under GeoSmart India virtual summit is a 2.5 hour program which is scheduled on 15th September 2021. It provides a platform for location professionals, technology experts and practitioners to learn, share and drive the location industry forward.

Who should attend?

  • Location Data Providers
  • Location Analytics Platform Providers
  • Location-based Consumer Services & Platform Providers
  • Enterprise Business Intelligence Platform Providers
  • Shared Economy Technology Companies
  • Supply Chain & Logistics Providers
  • Warehouse & Distribution Managers
  • e-commerce Companies
  • Retailers
  • Mobility Companies
  • City Authorities
  • Transport Operators
  • Telecom Providers
  • Government Organizations


Time Session
1400 – 1410 hrs

Opening talk: Significance of Location Data in Business Processes Software Companies (10 mins)

1410 – 1510 hrs

Session 1: Location and Frontier technologies for Vaccine Distribution in India

  • Sensor-based logistics for safe and secure vaccine delivery
  • Route-optimization
  • Live monitoring and tracking
  • Digital solution for last mile vaccine distribution
  • Cold-storages and temperature controlled environment


Aisik Paul

CTO, DataSutram

Dr. Udaya Kumar

Deputy Director General, National Information Center

Ajit Kumar

CEO & co-founder, RealMeds

1510 – 1600 hrs

Session 2: Shared Economy and route towards India’s $5Trillion Economy

  • Liberalisation of map-based services by the Indian government
  • Need for resilient Position, Navigation & Timing (PNT) infrastructure
  • Geocoding for timely and efficient deliveries of people, goods and services


Ashwani Rawat

Co-Founder, Transerve

Shriya Karanam

Product Marketing and Growth

Akshaj Saini

Manager - Corporate Strategy & Analytics
AWFIS Space Solutions

Devdatta Tengshe

Solutions Architect - GIS, GeoSpoc

1600 – 1700 hrs

Session 3: Location-Aware agricultural tools and practices

  • Farmer Bill 2020: Gateway for the Indian farmers to sell their produce directly to the market
  • Eradicating multi-layered distribution channels
  • Enhancing food security through location intelligence
  • Precision data to the farmers by using location intelligence
  • LI+AI+ML+IoT for connected farms


Deepak Pareek

CEO, AgriWatch
Technology Pioneer, World Economic Forum

Industry Keynote

Vijay Kumar

Senior Vice President – Technical
Esri India


Partha Ghosh

Presales Director, India & South Asia, Planet

Balaya Moharana

Head of Technology, DeHaat

Srivatsa Sreenivasarao

Co-Founder, TraceX

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Pulkit Chaudhary