Space Infrastructure & Indian Economy
Date: 01 September 2021 /// Time: 14:00 - 17:00 IST


Theme: Private sector participation in space

The Indian space economy needs to scale up to harness the enormous untapped potential of space opportunities. The vast amount of potential offered by the private sector needs to be tapped in order to meet the increasing demand for space-based data and knowledge. The Draft Space Remote Sensing Policy, and Space Communications Policy released by the Department of Space establishes and reinforces the government’s desire to encourage participation of private companies in space activities for enhancing the diffusion of space technology and boosting space economy in the country. The transition from a supply-based model to a demand-based model, will require understanding user requirements and developing solutions which makes access to knowledge for decision-making easier for all users. The experience and expertise of the private sector in the development of solutions catering to user demands will thus be beneficial for the growth of the space ecosystem. The capital and time intensive nature of space activities raises the need for promotion and hand-holding from the government, and well defined business models for sharing the risks and benefits among the public and private stakeholders. The increased involvement of private companies in the space sector will create healthy competition thereby leading to the sustained growth of the space industry in the country.

Who should attend?

  • Department of Space
  • ISRO
  • IN-SPACe
  • New Space India Ltd (NSIL)
  • Antrix Corporation
  • IIST
  • Government user agencies
  • Private space industry
  • 4IR technology providers
  • Research and academia


Time Session
1400 - 1405 hrs

Opening by GW

1405 - 1415 hrs

Keynote address: Space infrastructure and technology for attaining SDGs

1415 – 1425 hrs

Industry viewpoint: Private sector capabilities and potential in space

1425 - 1515 hrs

Session 1: Transition from a ‘supply-based model’ to ‘demand-based model’

  • Identification and aggregation of user demand and requirements
  • Role of private sector in understanding user demand
  • Increasing access to space-based applications
  • Integration of 4IR technology
  • Ready-to-use knowledge for decision-making
1515 - 1605 hrs

Session 2: Sustained growth of space start-up ecosystem

  • Growth drivers and restraints
  • Mechanism for promotion and hand-holding
  • Technology sharing
  • Capacity building
  • Benefits band incentives
  • Balancing commercial gains and social development goals
  • Importance of regulation
  • Healthy competition in the private space industry
1605 - 1615 hrs

Expert talk: Geospatial Knowledge Infrastructure - Integration with space technology and solutions

1615 - 1700 hrs

Session 3: Evolving business models for Public Private Partnership in space

  • Areas of participation/ collaboration
  • PPP and financial models
  • Revenue sharing models
  • Collaborative innovation
  • Foreign Direct Investment

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Ruban Jacob