GeoSmart India is the ultimate place to engage with your current and potential clients and establish your position as a leader in the marketplace.

This year we will bring to you a digital platform that has it all; an extraordinary scale of branding, networking, and marketing of geospatial and emerging technologies, bringing to view powerful innovations and merging of technologies. No other promotional medium can deliver such a vast array of networking and business opportunities under one umbrella. The Digital Series will be an excellent platform for getting abreast of current trends in geospatial and emerging technology products, solutions, and practices.

Sponsorship, Meetings & Promotion Opportunities

Sponsoring at “GeoSmart India 2021 Digital Series” is an excellent way to promote your business to a highly targeted group of key decision-makers with a specific interest in the Geospatial Industry in India.

The unique positioning of your brand

Showcasing your organization at a leading industry conference like ours establishes your brand value to your prospective clients or existing clientele.

Generate Sales Leads

As the top-level decision-makers attend our global conferences & digital series, network with them in a collaborative environment.

Fostering new business opportunity

Focus and target your business prospects in a positive and collaborative environment, where they welcome new ideas. Our attendees are always keen on exciting new partnership opportunities. Our platform offers you the ideal opportunity to make further contact and future businesses.

Penetrate New Markets

As the top-level decision-makers attend our global conferences, network with them in a collaborative environment over One-to-One meetings by showcasing your products and services by exhibiting, product presentation, or participating in the program.

For sponsorship opportunities, contact abhishek@geopsatialworld.net


Abhishek Kotangale