GeoSmart Energy

Session Theme: Building a National Integrated Energy Management System

Efficient, reliable and resilient energy supply are essential to economic growth. It is critical to India’s growing economy that the importance is given to developing newer energy sources and increase the efficiency in way in which we use them. The goal is to ensure sufficient energy at the lowest cost possible. A very important aspect that must be addressed is providing this clean and convenient energy to everybody. The government must ensure that effective policies lead the way to clean, efficient and resilient energy that is available to all.

It is imperative that we build an integrated energy ecosystem that is a combination of effective policy making and linked using robust technology systems so that it delivers the demand for sustained growth successfully while ensuring that our footprint on the planet is reduced.

Major Topics
Towards Energy Efficiency, Security and Resiliency

We will investigate how to build energy infrastructure for a low-carbon future. Let’s explore the connected utility infrastructure that is enabled by geospatial technology and how the sector’s stakeholders can manage growing energy needs in the most efficient way possible.

At GeoSmart India, we would like to explore the technological innovations that will safeguard energy supply in the future. This session would like to review the opportunity IoT and other technologies present in resource mapping, distributed generation transmission corridor planning, in reducing waste, remotely controlling and managing equipment, and increasing over all energy security in a cost effective manner.

The Renewables

In addition to making energy efficient we must also concentrate on developing clean and renewable energy sources so that we can ensure universal access to affordable electricity and move towards a reduced carbon footprint.

This session will explore largely solar, wind and biomass energy in India and the technologies and policies that are building this sector. We would also like to explore concepts like blockchain for emerging renewable energy markets and how digital twins are developing the energy industry in order to encourage innovation in future technological solutions in the energy industry.

Target Audience
  • Power developers and operators
  • Consultancy organizations
  • Financial institutions and investors
  • Certifying agencies
  • Captive power users
  • Utility representatives
  • Regulatory agencies
  • Technology providers
  • Research agencies
  • Equipment manufacturers
  • Solar power appliance manufacturers
  • Government agencies
  • Panel manufacturers
  • Carbon fund investors and managers
  • Solar energy service providers
  • Energy storage experts
  • Rooftop solar developers
  • Distribution companies
  • HT power consumers
  • Etc.