GeoSmart Energy

Theme: Building a National Integrated Management System

Efficient, reliable and resilient energy supply are essential to economic growth. It is critical to India’s growing economy that the importance is given to developing newer energy sources and increasing the efficiency in the way in which we use them. The goal is to ensure sufficient energy at the lowest cost possible. A very important aspect that must be addressed is providing this clean and convenient energy to everybody. It must be ensured that effective policies lead the way to clean, efficient and resilient energy that is available to all.

It is imperative that we build an integrated energy ecosystem that is a combination of effective policy making and robust technology systems so that it delivers the demand for sustained growth successfully while ensuring that our footprint on the planet is reduced.

Session Topics
  • Building a National Integrated Energy Management System
  • Towards Energy Efficiency, Security and Resiliency
  • The Renewables