Location & Business Intelligence


Location data has today become a central component of much of the world’s data and is used for many purposes. The word ‘location’ means a particular place or position relative to the rest of the world and indicates a lot more than just coordinates. The geospatial industry revolves around location and its commercial use as services and amenities in the public and private sectors.

With organizations now focusing on the “where of things”, the integration of location data & business intelligence is of prime importance. This integration is helping businesses in making data driven decisions and enables them to do predictive analysis.

Location & Business Intelligence program at GeoSmart India 2021, aims to connect location data and technology providers with business enterprises, government, research & academia through strate¬gic collaborations, innovation, promotion, partnerships and management liaison. The purpose is to create a knowledge platform about the value and application of “where of things” in a phy-gital world that will increase operational efficiency and create competitive advantage for businesses, while delivering effective citizen-centric servic¬es. It will be a gathering of forward-looking leaders from technology industry, gov¬ernment and enterprise users.


Modernizing Supply Chain & Logistics Infrastructure in India
Location-based Solutions for Agricultural Supply Chain (Farmers Bill 2020)
The Rise of LI in e-commerce Age
Evolution of Retail: Fulfilment Centers, Ghost Kitchens & Dark Stores
Optimizing Urban Mobility & Last Mile Delivery
Impact of 5G Connectivity in Mobility


  • Location Data Providers
  • Location Analytics Platform Providers
  • Location-based Consumer Services & Platform Providers
  • Enterprise Business Intelligence Platform Providers
  • Shared Economy Technology Companies
  • Supply Chain & Logistics Providers
  • Warehouse & Distribution Managers
  • e-commerce Companies
  • Retailers
  • Mobility Companies
  • City Authorities
  • Transport Operators
  • Telecom Providers
  • Government Organizations


Submission Deadline: 20 August 2021

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