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Who is eligible for the award

The awards will be presented to the organization that has implemented the project and or owns the innovation or has formulated and implemented a policy. In case of the Geospatial Application Excellence Award, the implementing agency as well as the developing agency will be given credit.

Criterion for rejection of any of the nominations:
  • All incomplete forms will be rejected
  • Wrongly nominated(Category)
  • Projects /Products/Policies not connected with the geospatial domain
  • Projects , Products , Policies - at a drawing board stage
  • No tangible achievements or socio - economic benefits
  • False Claims

NOTE: If multiple nominations are received for the same project/product/policy , the best submitted nomination (complete in all aspects) will be short listed provided it does not fall in the above listed reasons

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Date To Remember

Nominations are open until 30th September 2019
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I hereby declare that the listed details are true to the best of my knowledge and understanding and that falsification or incorrect information will lead to a rejection of the nomination. I also agree to accept the decision of the independent panel of judges and will not hold the organizing committe of GeoSmart India liable for any claims or damages that could inadvertently result from any decision what so ever. I understand that the information provided will be confidential and will not be made available in the public domain unless specific permission from the implementing organization is obtained.