Advancing Role of Geospatial Knowledge in the National Development Agenda

The GeoSmart India platform aims to support the evolution of cross sectoral stakeholders with emerging socio-economic development models in the fourth Industrial age. In this quest, our intention is to strengthen Geospatial Knowledge Infrastructure to transform our economy in the digital age.

GeoSmart India 2020 is focusing on the role geospatial knowledge plays in the National Development Agenda. The objective is to discuss the geospatial readiness of India, our eventual transformation model including existing and required integrated policy frameworks and most importantly how we will enrich the geospatial knowledge through innovation, collaboration and partnership models.

Through the 21st edition of GeoSmart India, our intent is to showcase the value of geospatial knowledge and analytics in innovation, strengthening the economy, planning, resource management, disaster risk reduction, mobility and much more.