Forest Survey of India

Workshop Overview

Forest Survey of India (FSI) has been providing support to State Forest Departments (SFDs) for effective forest fire management by providing forest fire alerts since 2004. The forest fire alert system of FSI has undergone significant changes in recent years to cater to the needs of the end users.The version 2.0 of the forest alert system (FAST) was launched in the year 2017 and the current version which is FAST 3.0, replacing the earlier version was launched on 16/01/2019. This one day event on the side lines of GeoSmart India will focus on the technology solutions offered by FSI in the form of NRT fire alerts, Near Real Time (NRT) early warning etc.

Session Theme: Inaugural Session

This session brings together policy makers from MoEF&CC, Government of India and Senior Officers of FSI to discuss on the current forest fire management situation in the country. Various recent developments such as the National Action Plan of forest fires (NAP), Centre of Excellence of forest fires, Draft National Forest Policy would be highlighted by the speakers.

FSI would release a technical report on forest fires during the inaugural session. The session would conclude with open Q & A session.

Technical Session I

This session aims to provide an overview of the various initiatives of FSI under the forest fire monitoring programme of the institution. The recently launched FAST 3.0 would be discussed in the meeting. The features of the system such as geo portal, web map services, automated large map tracking would be discussed in detail.The early warning system operational at FSI which identifies vulnerable forest areas, a week in advance, would also be discussed in this session.

Technical Session II

This session focuses on the perspectives of the State Forest Departments in adopting the latest technology for forest fire monitoring. The success stories from the State of Odisha and Maharashtra would be highlighted. The NDMA would provide an overview on the forest fire related initiatives of the organization as well as details of additional support offered during major forest fire disasters.

Panel Discussion

This session would have speakers from State Forest Departments and FSI. The session would focus on the adoption of FAST 3.0 by States, feedback on fire alerts and discussion on other available technologies to improve forest fire monitoring. Besides this one or two speakers would also provide glimpse on the social awareness and community mobilization aspects.

13 Feb 2019
Event Theme - Forest Fire Monitoring and Early Warning by Forest Survey of India
0730 Onwards Registration
0930 - 1130 Inaugural session
0930 - 0935 Lamp Lighting
0935 - 0945 Welcome Address: Meenakshi Joshi, IFS JD(FGD)
0945 - 1000 Address by DG (FSI) - Dr. Subhash Ashutosh, IFS DG, FSI
1000 - 1020 Inaugural Address by DGF &SS - Sh. Siddhanta Das, IFS
Director General of Forest & Special Secretary, MoEF&CC, New Delhi
1020 - 1040 Technical Presentation on FAST 3.0 - Sh. E. Vikram, IFS, DD Presentation
1040 - 1045 Releasing of Technical Series report on Forest Fire by DGF &SS - Sh. Siddhanta Das, IFS
Director General of Forest & Special Secretary, MoEF&CC, New Delhi
1045 - 1115 Q&A
1115 - 1125 Vote of Thanks – Geospatial Media
1130 - 1200 Tea Break and Networking
1200 - 1300 Technical Session 1
1200 - 1215 Features of Forest Fire Alert System (Version 3.0), Sh E. Vikram, DD & Sh. Tanay Das, Sr. TA, FSI
1215 - 1230 Presentation on Early Warning and Fire Dangers Rating System, Ms. Harshi Jain, Sr. TA, FSI Presentation
1230 - 1245 Useful features for Nodal officers, Sh. Tapas, Sr. TA & Ms. Harshi Jain, Sr. TA, FSI
1245 - 1300 Q&A
1300 - 1400 Lunch
1400 - 1530 Technical Session 2
1400 - 1415 Forest Fire Monitoring using IT&GIS Tools
- Sh. Praveen Srivastava, APCCF, IT, Maharashtra Forest Department Presentation
1415 - 1430 Adoption of FAST 3.0
- Sh. A.R.M Reddy, APCCF, IT & CAMPA, Himachal Pradesh Forest Department
1430 - 1445 Forest Fire Monitoring using IT&GIS Tools
- Sh. P.K. Mallick, CCF, IT & GIS, Odisha Forest Department
1445 - 1500 Role of NDMA in Forest Fire Disasters
1500 - 1520 Q&A
1520 - 1530 Analysis of feedback submitted by Ms. Harshi Jain, Sr. TA, FSI
1530 - 1600 Networking and Tea
1600 - 1730 Panel Discussion on Use of Remote Sensing and GIS in Forest Fire Management Chaired by
Sh. Saibal Dasgupta, Additional Director General, MoEF& CC
  Panelists to be decided