Theme: Bridging the gap between Industry and the Academia

In a fast-transforming technology environment while businesses are struggling to keep pace with new developments, one thing the industry leaders totally agree is that there is a constant need to innovate to stay relevant, and capable workforce is a necessary requirement to continue the pace of this innovation. Workforce is the basic foundation of any industry. Ideas can get implemented and bring the desired outcomes only if skilled workforce is available to drive the vision.

This program aims to provide a platform for students that offers the opportunity for interaction with the geospatial and allied industries in order to gain exposure about the vast career possibilities available. It will also be a platform for educational institutions to build their own capacities in terms of building a curriculum that takes into account the need of the industry in order to bridge the gap between education and work.


  • Industry – Academia Panel
  • Students – Industry HR Interaction
  • Student Presentation
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