Theme: Together We Can

Geospatial Media through its Global Development Agenda unit, organizes an exclusive program called Geo4SDGs – a seminar for the development, governance and geospatial communities to discuss and share experiences on using geospatial information for achieving SDGs and creating a World We Want.

The key objectives of Geo4SDGs program is to:

  • Demonstrate ways in which geospatial information can fill in the data gaps for monitoring, measuring and reporting of SDGs in India
  • Showcase how geospatial information plays an integrative role for other data sources and information technologies for predictive analytics
  • Enable cross-sectoral engagements between central and state government agencies, NGOs/INGOs, researchers and industry for impact
  • Support various initiatives by public and development sector in India for achieving the Global Goals in the given timeframe
  • Demonstrate to professionals from the development sector, the larger ecosystem and value of geospatial industry and technology for social impact


  • Filling in the data gap
  • Geospatial for Impact: Share your stories
  • Collaboration and partnerships made easy the geospatial way

Target Audience

  • NGOs and INGOs
  • Multilateral organizations
  • Donors, funders and aid agencies
  • Central and state government departments
  • Policy makers
  • Academia & research institutions
  • Consultants & project implementers
  • Geospatial technology companies