GeoSmart Cities

Theme: Empowering through Inclusion – A holistic approach

With India’s young and rapidly growing population, the country needs thriving cities that are sustainable in the long run. If handled well, India can reap significant benefits from urbanization which is projected to account for 40% of India’s population by 2030. To make sure that tomorrow’s cities provide opportunities for all, it is essential to understand that the concept of inclusive cities involves multiple spatial, social and economic factors. The Smart Cities track will feature experts in Smart Governance, Inclusivity, Sustainability, Mobility, Safety, Communication, Infrastructure, Health and Education. We will provide a platform that will enable us to drive technology to think, recognize, learn, problem-solve and carry out decision-making in the development of Smart Cities in India using geospatial strategy as the base.

GeoSmart 2019 will bring together prominent leaders of the government and the industry to help understand the potential of machine learning, IoT and geospatial big data in the planning of cities that provide health, education, opportunities and amenities for all. The Smart Cities Conference. It is an initiative dedicated to open, inclusive, formal and informal dialogue on Smart City issues among all interested stakeholders.

Session Topics
Safe, Sustainable and Smart Mobility
Digital Transformation for Smarter Living – Opportunities and Challenges
Safe and Resilient Cities
Constructing Smart Cities – Sustainable Planning, Designing and Building
Smart Services Provision


Pallav Mathur, Solution Specialist, Geospatial,
Pallav Mathur Solution Specialist
Rajendra Jagtap, Chief Executive Officer, Pune Smart City,
Rajendra Jagtap Chief Executive Officer
Pune Smart City
Dr. O.P. Agarwaal, Chief Executive Officer, World Resources Institute,
Dr. O.P. Agarwaal Chief Executive Officer
World Resources Institute
Surendra S, Additional Chief Planner, Town and Country Planning,
Surendra S Additional Chief Planner
Town and Country Planning
Dr. K.J. Ramesh, Director General of Meteorology, India Meteorological Department, Government of India
Dr. K.J. Ramesh Director General of Meteorology
India Meteorological Department
Government of India
Shelvanarayana Aghalayam, Principal Sales Consultant, Oracle, India
Shelvanarayana Aghalayam Principal Sales Consultant
Hans Viehmann, Product Manager, EMEA Oracle, Germany
Hans Viehmann Product Manager
EMEA Oracle
ASHOK BHATTACHARJEE, Urban Transport Expert, Eptisa,
ASHOK BHATTACHARJEE Urban Transport Expert
Mr. Rohatash Agarwal, Technical Director, K K Geosystem Pvt. Ltd.,
Mr. Rohatash Agarwal Technical Director
K K Geosystem Pvt. Ltd.
Vaibhav Kumar, Deputy Manager, Delhi Integrated Multi Modal Transit System Ltd.,
Vaibhav Kumar Deputy Manager
Delhi Integrated Multi Modal Transit System Ltd.
Ankush Malhotra, Vice President, Urban Mass Transit Co.,
Ankush Malhotra Vice President
Urban Mass Transit Co.
Kishore Desai, Officer on Special Duty, Niti Aayog,
Kishore Desai Officer on Special Duty
Niti Aayog
Vikas Kanungo, Senior Consultant,  World Bank,
Vikas Kanungo Senior Consultant
World Bank
Anjani Kumar, Regional CIO and Chief Information Officer, Nissan,
Anjani Kumar Regional CIO and Chief Information Officer
Nikhil Agarwal, Chief Operating Officer, Chalo,
Nikhil Agarwal Chief Operating Officer
Brad Ysseldyk, Worldwide Sales Manager, Land Products, Applanix Canada,
Brad Ysseldyk Worldwide Sales Manager
Land Products, Applanix Canada
Shravani Sharma, Consultant - Urban Mobility, World Resources Institute,
Shravani Sharma Consultant - Urban Mobility
World Resources Institute
Sunil Kumar Makkena, Senior Vice President, Cyient,
Sunil Kumar Makkena Senior Vice President
Dheeraj Mehra, Founder and CEO, Micronet - GeoSmart Cities,
Dheeraj Mehra Founder and CEO
Micronet - GeoSmart Cities
Sandip Banerjee, Assistant Director, SkyMap Global,
Sandip Banerjee Assistant Director
SkyMap Global
Anil Kumar Gupta, Head - Division of Environment, Climatic and DRM, Int. Cooperation, NIDM-GOI, Expert Team - WMO Climate Statement, National Institute of Disaster Management,
Anil Kumar Gupta Head - Division of Environment, Climatic and DRM, Int. Cooperation, NIDM-GOI, Expert Team - WMO Climate Statement
National Institute of Disaster Management
Sunil David, Regional Director - IoT, AT&T
Sunil David Regional Director - IoT, AT&T
John Whitehead, Director- Asia Pacific, Geospatial,
John Whitehead Director- Asia Pacific
Vasudeva Rao, Assistant General Manager,  Technical Services,  Hexagon Geospatial
Vasudeva Rao Assistant General Manager
Technical Services
Hexagon Geospatial
Amit Kumar Sinha, Director, Information Technology Development Agency,
Amit Kumar Sinha Director
Information Technology Development Agency
Aditya Mishra, Additional Director General, Dial 100,
Aditya Mishra Additional Director General
Dial 100
Jayant Kohale, Business Head - Smart Infra, RPG,
Jayant Kohale Business Head - Smart Infra
Utpal Deka, Independent Consultant,
Utpal Deka Independent Consultant
Sreehari KG, Research Scholar, Dept. of Design, IIT Hyderabad
Sreehari KG Research Scholar, Dept. of Design
IIT Hyderabad
Haque Mobassir Imtiyaz, IT Operations Engineer, Here Tech,
Haque Mobassir Imtiyaz IT Operations Engineer
Here Tech
Rasik Pansare, Co-Founder, Get My Parking,
Rasik Pansare Co-Founder
Get My Parking
Pooja Maheshwari, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Smarg,
Pooja Maheshwari Founder and Chief Executive Officer